EVA System is an overall casino management tool developed for online administration, control and auditing of gaming floors.

A reliable and functional tool, it is adaptable to various business models, management approaches and can be fitted to each customers´ needs.
The system is installed easily and its integration is immediate, using the STOS module, which through the SAS protocol enables communication between gaming terminals and said system.

EVA SYSTEM provides our clients with 24/7 support from our professional technical team, guaranteeing a quick response to any contingency.




The STOS Module, a vital part of EVA System, enables real-time communication through the gaming resources standard protocol (SAS), by processing the events occurred, collecting statistics and reporting to the local server. The STOS module takes an active role in the event of lack of communication with the rest of the system, as it is able to block or keep gaming resources operating as needed by the customer or local authority.

Módulo TITO

EVA System incorporates management tool TITO (Ticket Input Ticket Output), working under Secure Enhanced protocol. This feature allows high-performance in cabinet-to-cabinet and cabinet-to-cash desk transactions. It uses a wide variety of algorithms to validate and trace tickets all over the transactional chain, to control duplicate tickets, amounts paid, expired, etc.
EVA System makes it possible to collect all the necessary information for accounting controls and report generation, among others.


One of EVA System’s most valued tools, the Online Alerts system allows setting parameters for different types of machine incidents, such as recurring payments and unusual amounts. Therefore, in case of inconsistencies, whether it is a malfunctioning machine or deliberately in case of fraud, warnings are issued to users.


The Control Module is a step-by-step guide that allows a simple and centralized daily accounting balance. Through five steps, for which parameters can be set, the interface is designed to facilitate control of transactions and counters, cash, payment and ticket counts, important incidents in machines such as resets, rollovers and loss of communication, among others, to finally obtain the sales report.


The MOS in EVA System allows real time monitoring of the machines in the casino floor, reporting about events, incidents and condition of said machines. This module can be set by copying the topographic distribution of resources inside the casino floor, so each machine can be immediately identified according to the real layout in the room. The MOS can be accessed from any point in the network and could even be accessed remotely by authorized users.


EVA System is able to execute every cash-desk operation action, which can be set depending on the assets and type of transactions. This module also includes an Event Monitor that instantly shows payments or restocking reported by the machines. It is automatically integrated with the TITO module to carry out controls and payments. In addition, its search function operates through bar code scanner, manually or even according to other parameters if necessary. The system also allows to manually generate payments, verified by a supervisor, in case a slot machine is offline and the system has been set up for that purpose. Once communication is restored, the payment is automatically contrasted with the information in the machine.


Developed to increase control in liquid assets operations, it includes an interface for manual loading of fundraising data. This information is later compared to the statistics of each machine, making it possible to validate the daily sales report of the gaming floor or casino.


EVA System is able to issue a wide variety of reports and offers the user all the necessary information for decision making regarding operating, management and control of casinos. These reports contemplate traceability and records of any given machine regarding location, transmission values and games it has and has previously had. It is also possible to consult unprocessed data for auditing and internal control, as well as previously processed information according to the client’s needs or to be used in business intelligence.


This module allows centralizing of all information regarding the machines’ location and technical data. From its purchase to its placement in the casino, it collects historical data about movements, games and changes in the settings


EVA System offers a distinctive feature that allows requesting technical assistance from the casino. Besides, this function enables the technical support area to follow incidents and keep a record of defects and events in each machine.


The MIT (Ticket Print Module) in EVA System allows generation, tracking and programmed activation of promotional tickets through a process that involves requesting, authorization and printing from different user profiles. These promotional tickets are generated within the central system, which then sends this encrypted information to the ticket printer. The MIT has been thoroughly developed so the device cannot print without the system.

MTA “Data Transfer Module” (to AFIP: Federal Administration of Public Revenues)

This system collects and sends to AFIP (Web Service JAZA) all the necessary information in compliance with RG 3510. The three communication channels required by this entity are considered:
Report on machine Counters
Report on bingo and live tables
Electronic teller window serviceMTA allows tracking, management and control of all data collected for one or more businesses.
The system’s functions can issue alerts when inconsistencies are detected by AFIP, leading to early detection and solution of any problem.
EVA System was developed under GLI standards and certifications, thus complying with regulations and certificates to operate in any jurisdiction.


EVA System was developed under GLI standards and certifications, thus complying with regulations and certificates to operate in any jurisdiction.

EVA 24/7

Given our customers’ needs, EVA Technology offers a support program called EVA 24/7. Our corporate mission is to provide each one of our clients with personalized support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Therefore, your company is guaranteed to receive a rapid and effective response to any eventuality or doubt that may arise.